“The Last Caress Of Light” (2011)
Darkest Era’s first full length studio album, released by Metal Blade Records on February 15th 2011.
Recorded at Foel Studios, Wales Aug/Sept 2010. Produced by Chris Fielding. Art by Paul McCarroll

  1. The Morrigan
  2. An Ancient Fire Burns
  3. Beneath The Frozen Sky
  4. Heathen Burial
  5. Visions of the Dawn
  6. To Face The Black Tide
  7. Poem To The Gael
  8. The Last Caress Of Light Before The Dark


“The Oaks Sessions” (2010)
Self released digi-pack, limited to 250 hand numbered copies, released March 2010.
Recorded at Oaks Studios, Enniskillen by John Moffatt. Artwork by Elaine Cooney.

 1. An Ancient Fire Burns
2. To Face The Black Tide
3. Children Of The Gods (Bonus Track)

“The Journey Through Damnation” (2008)
MCD released by Eyes Like Snow records, 3rd May 2008.
Recorded at Stone Circle Studios, Lurgan, Winter 2007 by Dave Briggs. Art by Sarah Wieghell.

1. The Morrigan
2. Visions Of The Dawn
3. Another World Awaits
4. On The Crest Of Doom

“Nemesis” (2006)
Self titled demo, under original name “Nemesis.” Limited run of 400 copies, SOLD OUT
Recorded at Oaks Studios, Enniskillen by John Moffat, mid 2006. Art by Sarah Wieghell

1. Battle of Cul Dreimne
2. Blood of the Hound
3. The Curse
4. An Dagda Awakens
5. Children of the Gods

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